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Whisky + tea + chocolate + cheese + beer = success!

By December 20, 2014No Comments

Last Tuesday I collaborated with Teakoe Tea Company, Ritual Chocolate, the Truffle Table, Broken Shovel Farms and Blue Dot Beer to assist in a fundraiser for Cultured: The Series.  George Dickel Tennessee Whisky was the generous sponsor of the event, introducing their fine line of tasty Tennessee sipping whiskies to 150 Denver foodies and lovers of fine spirits.  Kyle West of Centro Latin Bistro  and Tyler Lewis of RiNo Yacht Club showcased a mini arsenal of sublime whisky and tea cocktails, uniting George Dickel expressions alongside assorted tea blends by Teakoe.

I hosted a table which showcased the George Dickel portfolio, tasting participants on the assorted marques and educating them on the history and unique distillation process at George Dickel distillery in beautiful Cascade Hollow.   All of the marques were relished with equal zeal, but the George Dickel Barrel Select and George Dickel Rye made the biggest impression.  George Dickel White Whisky also shocked many people with its complexity and elegance, as many tasters were expecting a less sophisticated version of whisky due to the non-aging.  It’s clean, refined taste was a delight to everyone who experienced it.  It was a toss up between the George Dickel #8 and #12: some preferred the buttery smoke and maple that Dickel #12 offers, while others embraced the bold caramel and black pepper notes of Dickel #8.

The set design team at Robert and Judi Newman Center for Theatre Education built a gorgeous room for the event, equipped with speakeasy style furnishings.  I provided a music list of assorted 1920’s and 1930’s jazz to set the proper ambience.  In addition, a piano was provided for the event that a few participants utilized to showcase their musical prowess.

The event was a smashing success and everyone involved had a fantastic time.  Below is a link to a piece written about the evening by the Cultured team.  Please check it out, as well as their links to their videos and fundraiser.  I look forward to more collaborations with everyone involved.!Our-First-Fundraising-Event/c23fj/D1EF7313-335B-4A4F-ACD6-0412317E23C1

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