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Robert Sickler is an entertaining, engaging whisky spokesman who offers a wide variety of services related to whisky, beer and other spirits.

Contact him for private or public spirits tastings, cocktail presentations, menu and bar consultation, food and spirits pairing, new product development and evaluation, product tasting reviews, media presentations and public appearances.

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Whisky 101

Whisky is a fantastically diverse category of spirit that is rapidly winning the hearts and minds of citizens throughout the world.  Robert’s whisky events bring the history, production and enjoyment of whisky to life in an unforgettable manner.  Learn the similarities and differences between Scotch, Irish, American, Canadian, Japanese and other whiskies of the world in a fun and unique way.

Sip, Savor and Learn
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Robert’s passion for spirits and their individual histories and current manifestations is communicated in his presentations and tastings in a manner that is relaxed yet informative. Whether it be whisky, rum, beer or any other assortment of spirits Robert can lead your senses on a journey of taste you won’t forget.

Whisky Certification and Spirits Training

Want to elevate your whisky and spirits knowledge to a more refined, professional level?  Participate in Robert’s upcoming whisky certification and spirits trainings, which will offer an in-depth, academic exploration into the world of whisky.  These courses will be ideal for wine and spirits sales representatives, bar and wait staff, retail owners and retail teams, hotel staff, or anyone seeking to broaden their grasp of whisky and spirits. Stay tuned for details…

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